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Collection of information about Martin Henry I Kochersperger, USA

Martin Henry I Kochersperger is a son of Johann Martin I Kochersperger, the founder of the "Philadelphia branch".

Daniel Guggisberg dates the oil portrait of Martin Henry  I Kochersperger to about 1830 to 1840 based on the clothing. It is the earliest known image of a Kochersperger.

Last owned by Ellen Kochersperger, wife of Earl II Kochersperger, Connecticut. The latter is a great-grandson and direct descendant of Martin Henry I Kochersperger and his second wife, Mary Young. Approx. in 2006 sold in the Antiquarian trade, the current owner is unknown.

Martin Henry I Kochersperger bought the Hotel Gray's Ferry. The following image is a watercolor whose creation is dated to 1872. It belongs to the collection of Kennedy in the collections of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. The integrated restaurant in the hotel was called Sans Souci. As Kochersperger hotel it acquired a legendary reputation.

Photo courtesy of  Daniel Guggisberg

The Gray's Ferry Inn was located on the west bank of the Schuylkill River, at the end of Darby Road, which led to the countryside to the west. There, on the outskirts of town, lived the Kochersperger family. The area was rural and characterized by farms. On the other side of the river (city side) for a few miles it was rural too. On this side of the river lived the families Grubb and Matzinger, who were related by marriage to the Kochersperger. Curtis Grubb was the son-in-law of Johann Martin I Kochersperger.

When exactly Martin Henry I Kochersperger  took over Gray's Ferry as property, could not yet be found.

On the back of the watercolor is the following text:

Gray's Ferry



The above photo of Kochersperger hotel dates from about 1870.
Courtesy of Daniel Guggisberg

Hotel Kochersperger at Gray's Ferry, about 1835
Courtesy of Daniel Guggisberg


The daily newspaper "Philadelphia Inquirer" published on 4 March 1862 on page 5 the following obituary:


It is the obituary of the third wife of  Martin Henry [I] Kochersperger. Her birth name is still unknown. Speculation is the assumption that her birth name was Rhoads,  because her child's first name was Sarah Rhoads and it was not uncommon to supplement a normal first name with the surname of the mother.

Source: All information and photos courtesy of Daniel Guggisberg