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An insolvency petition

Henry I Kochersperger, son of the progenitor of the so-called Philadelphia branch of the family, Johann Martin I Kochersperger, was forced to file for insolvency. One of his largest creditor was his own brother Martin Henry I Kochersperger. Henry was married to Elisabeth Deshong and his daughter Elizabeth Deshong Kochersperger was the wife of John Nelson I Wanamaker and the mother of the founder of the Wanamaker Departement Store, John Wanamaker.
Henry I Kochersperger died three years after the bankruptcy of "dropsy". At that time the medical findings, however, were very inaccurate.


The following interesting document was found at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, Insolvency Petitions, 16th June 1835 - June Term #155:

June 7. 1835
Insolvency petition
Henry Kochersperger
Passyunk Township

Filed June 16th 1835

To the Honorable the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County.

The petition of Henry Kochersperger  respectfully sheweth:
That your petitioner has resided in the county of Philadelphia aforesaid for more than one whole year now last past: That he is unable to pay his debts and offers to deliver up to the use of his creditors all the property, real, personal and mixed of which he is possessed or in any manner entitled to – a schedule whereof on oath together with a list of his creditors the nature and amount of their debts sofar as he can ascertain the same, statement of his losses and the means whereby he became insolvent and exhibited with and annexed to this petition: He therefore prays the  the relief provided by law for insolvent debtors.

June 1835.                                            
Henry Kochersperger [sig.]

I Henry Kochersperger hereby assign unto Mr. Bates & Martin Kochersperger all my estate real & personal & mixed to which I am in any manner entitled for the use of all my creditors. Witness my
hand & seal this day of June [7th] A.D. 1835.

Witness present                   
- Seal –

Henry Kochersperger [sig.]

List of the petitioners’ creditors together with the nature and
amount of their debts so far as he can ascertain the same.

Greaves & Andrews
Isaac Leach 
David Cork
 $ 37.00
Samuel Gray book account
 $ 55.00
Alexander Reed
 book account
 $ 37.00
Mr. Dickinson
 book acct
 $ 70.00
Caspar Irvin
 book account
 $ 15.00
Mr. Hill
 book account
 $ 12.50
Mr. Christie
 book account
 $ 5.50
Daniel Kochersperger
 cash lent
 $ 35.00
Hanoch Best
  book account $ 10.00
James Anderson
 cash lent
 $ 1.00
Dr. Thomas
 book account
 $ 62.00
D. Deshong (nephew)
 book account
 $ 100.00
Oliver Lindsey
 cash lent
 $ 50.00
Lewis Passman
 book account  $ 27.00
C[.. illeg.] Carr
 book account 
 $ 15.00
George T. Alberti Jr
 cash lent
 $ 5.00
...[blank line]...
 book account
 $ 6.00
Henry Dickinson
 book account
 $ 11.00 
Martin Kochersperger Jr
 cash lent 
 $ 9.00
Mr. R. E. Grubb
 cash lent
 $ 5.00
Martin Kochersperger
 mortgage & prpt
 $ 250.00
Mr. Bates
 $ 1500.00

Schedule of this petitioners property real, natural and mixed
of which he is possessed or in any manner entitled to:

Real estate none
Cash rec’d from Sheriff this day, $ 38.00
“.......due …[illeg.] remaining in Sheriffs hands, $ 56.22

Goods & chattels: 2 beds, & bedsteads. & bedding - stove, three chairs, 2 tables,
kitchen furniture, spades, fork, wheelbarrow, rake, hoe debts due pmt to Geo Baker $ 15;
Jacob Kochersperger $ 42. Wil LeMaitre $3. Mrs. …[illeg] $ 5. John Bates $ 3. –

Losses & means of insolvency: this petitioner followed the business of a farmer
– and has lost 2 horses, cow, seven pigs. The aforesaid debt which are lost.

Means of insolvency: The aforesaid losses – and sickness of petitioner for 3 years
being unable to work – also weakness of this petitioner’s family. –

Of Philadelphia ss., Henry Kochersperger the petitioner aforesaid declares upon
his solemn oath that his afore going schedule contains a just and true account of
all the property real, personal and mixed to which he is in any manner entitled; and
that the list of his creditors together with the nature and amount of their debt so far
as he can ascertain the same, the statement of their losses and the means whereby
he became insolvent exhibited with, announces to this petition … to be true to the
best knowledge & belief. –
Henry Kochersperger [sig.]

Given & Grants on this
June 16 1835 Before John Burris atr.

[The transcription is provided by Daniel Guggisberg].