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to the pages of the Kochersperger family and the many spelling variants of the surname. This page has been created to bundle all the known information that can be be found on the internet and many other sources. We would like to inform about historical facts, the family rootsthe Rittershoffen treechronicles of the different branches, name-variantspicture gallery and a view into the virtual cemeteries all of which will serve to complete the family history.

As a matter of course you will find an index of persons and on the basis of biographies you may deepen your knowledge of the family. Graphic charts will give you a quick overview of kinship and relationships.

In addition we offer services with links to other web sites of the family and downloads. Much of the information could not be categorized without losing the clarity. This data base has been placed with the library page. Short notes we offer in the category of "Lost and Found". In view of the vast quantity of data that we plan to cataloge, it will take a considerable amount time before all of the information can be added to the website. Visit our site often, as each time you will almost certainly find new input. Meanwhile this website integrates more than 1000 articles. The length of each article varies between one and more than fifty pages.

We hope that you will enjoy reading our texts! We welcome any comments and suggestion.

Your team of the Kochersperger Genealogy Project

Note: The index of persons has a separate search function!